The Community of Salem Springs


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If the privacy of a country estate is your dream, Salem Springs presents a rare opportunity to own a large secluded home site, as well as sharing private ownership of riverbank lands that will enhance your privacy and enjoyment.

A beautiful and unique community, that is seamlessly integrated within the beautiful natural setting of the Irvine River, offers the best of everything:

  • …about a 15-minute drive from Waterloo on a top-quality road

  • …only a few blocks from the recreational, cultural and social activities of the vibrant community of Salem, Elora and Fergus

  • …Comes complete with its own rapids and mini-gorge; and a high ridge for your home site, with carefully protected views of the river below.

Architectural guidelines will ensure that this one-of-a-kind location, with a very limited number of lots ever available, will maintain strict controls to guarantee that your home is of appropriate size, and fully compatible with the site, as well as continue to be surrounded by a natural paradise.

A unique form of condominium ownership will provide you with exclusive control on your own lot, while also giving you a share of the land along the river bank, and a share of the private road into this exclusive neighborhood.

Mature conifers - particularly cedars and pines - create a world of green that will relax and inspire you in any season, while offering a private retreat that surpasses most cottage settings. This is where the Irvine River begins to show its strength on its way to Elora Gorge and its junction with the Grand River in the heart of Elora.

Peace and serenity mark the lifestyle offered here at Salem Springs. This distinctive and unique property is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty on all sides. The calming sounds of nature and the enchanting vista of the meandering Irvine River create a respite for active lives.